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        Profiling Machine
        Polishing Machine
        Split Bridge Sawing Machine
        Whole Bridge Sawing Machine
        Diamond Chain Saw
        chamfering and polishing
           YUNFU KETE MACHINERY CO., LTD . Located in Yunfu City, Guangdong Province and covering an area of more than 40,000 square meters. Our company  is a scientific and technological enterprise specializing in the production of stone processing machine.

           KETE Machinery has established Yunfu Stone Processing Machine Engineering & Technological Research Center. We have closely cooperated with engineering colleges and universities, devoted in research & development, production, sale and service in optical mechanical-electrical integration products. The core products of KETE Machinery include Gang Saw, Automatic Polishing Machine, Automatic Bridge Cutting Machine, Automatic Stone Border Profiling Machine, Computerized Numerical Control Diamond Bead Chain Saw and Cutting Machine etc, with merits such as high degree of automation, high precision and proficiency. KETE Machinery’s products are not only sold well domestically, but also exported to Europe and America, Southeast Asia, South Korea, India, Middle East, Africa, Australia, and highly praised by customers. 

           KETE Machinery, taking “Quality First, Service Supreme”as its purpose, strictly adhere to the credibility, we dedicate to improving our quality and after-sale service. Welcome friends from all over the world to visit and negotiate with us! May we create a splendid tomorrow together!



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